10 tips and tricks Clash of Clans’

How does “Clash of Clans” work?

The game revolves around building a village, and then defending a village and attacking others’ villages. As the game progresses – indicated by a high-level town hall, the village center – it becomes harder, more expensive and longer.

There are different types of defenses (from cannon to X-Bow), different types of troops (such as “Hog Rider” or Golem), different sets of “Heroes” (higher level open), and a variety of other things that you can use. Will discover with progress.

The gameplay is simple: you either move to your village (upgrade assets for example), attack other bases, or engage in a general battle (later on about these people). ۔

To speed up the upgrade and buy more resources (which are divided into gold, rich and dark nectar), Super Sale offers gems that you can buy in real money (99 3.99 you get 500, and so on At the highest level, upgrades can take up to two weeks.

Saves gems for a rainy day.

Speaking of gems, the best way to progress through the game is to save them for a rainy day – or, at the very least, not spend them all during the lesson (a strategy that encourages super cell does).

Having a handful of gems is useful for speeding up the upgrade – especially within the last hour of the upgrade – and increasing the number of mines and collectors, which increases production by 2x. You can also “promote” the training of soldiers or buy a shield that protects your village for a while.

Trees, rocks and similar gems can be cut down, on which a small amount of nectar is spent. Some players quickly spend thousands of dollars on gems to build their village, but the fun of the game comes from successfully saving things.

Create a good village layout.

It is important to have a good village setting, especially if you are playing to win “trophies” that come from successfully attacking or defending a village and are used to rank players.

The lower level of the game has to be chosen because there are very few walls to defend the buildings but as the game progresses and your village gets bigger, you have a lot of options.

Some players chose to store them in the middle of the base, along with the town hall, protecting them – which contained gold, nectar, and black matter. It is hoped that the attackers will only destroy the town hall and leave without looting resources.

Others choose town hall security that can help save trophies, and use a tactic when there is no upgrade to do so.

There are countless baseless designs available on the internet and it is not difficult to build one for you. Trophies or resources – the most important part of deciding what you want to protect.

Upgrade collectors and mines.

Beyond raiding other villages, one of the best ways to mobilize resources is to mobilize them. Gold mines, rich pumps, and black rich drills are all available and, depending on their level, can generate considerable resources.

At the grassroots level, pumps produce a small amount of resources in just one hour – about 250 – while a fully upgraded pump can produce up to 3,500 devices per resource. This can result in a lot of resources (free) during the off-season – which lasts up to 15 hours.

It is also important to upgrade the stockpile, as it may contain more resources that can then be used to upgrade the military and defense.

Don’t break your shield.

The “Shield” protects your village from external attacks for a period of time. When your shield is still active it breaks the attack on another village, and this is something you want to avoid.

Just attacking when your shield comes down – the game gives you a notification when you have 30 minutes left – can maximize resources from your collectors and mines (for free) ) And reduce the risk of losing trophies.

Join a clan.

A “tribe” is a group of fifty players who can split an army, go to war, and chat within a game. You can manually create totals, customize settings (who you want to join, how often you fight, etc.), and start hanging out with other players.

There are several benefits to living in a tribe: you can go to war, if you win, you get a lot of looting. Your tribal comrades can fill your Kalan Castle with soldiers who will attack anyone who attacks your base. And it gives the game a great sense of community.

Tribal war-seeking prizes, at the highest level, are vast, with some players winning up to a million (approximately £ 707,070) in both gold and rich.

Upgrade defences.

Without good defense, it is impossible to win the “Clash of Clans”. From the beginning, players are encouraged to upgrade their defenses to the maximum level before moving on – trade time and costs.

However, don’t let that get you down. Getting high-level archer towers, cannons, or X-Bows involves investing time and gold, and will help deter high-level attackers.

Upgrade troops.

Attacking other players – whether in battle or for looting – is another essential part of the game, and it is important to upgrade the army to the maximum level because it means they can do more damage, and They can live.

Archers and savages are the easiest to upgrade and are described as “Tier 1” troops. Giants and wall breakers are “Tier 2” and so on.

Upgrading troops becomes incredibly expensive as you progress to higher town hall levels. For example, one level has three PEKs, a giant, armored unit, eight million nectars – and it’s only in Town Hall 8.

Use cheap attacks, such as “Barch.”

Attack strategies are very important in “collision collision”. Some are tempted to do more harm than good (including “GOWIPE” which uses goloms, wizards and PEKKA) while others are more cost effective.

In the early stages of the game, using cheap attacks like “barch” (half savage, half archer) means that the verses spent on training troops can accumulate as much resources as possible. Choosing the right base – usually full collectors are inactive – but “birch” can be used for hard villages (as this video has proven).

Put the Town Hall outside the walls.

It is a strategy that prefers to loot trophies, giving attackers easy access to the town hall to avoid attacking collectors.

Having a town hall outside can be a great help if you’re looking to save an upgrade. It also gives you a “free” 12-hour shield after each attack that can either deter you or celebrate the attack.

And finally, be patient.

Patience is a key to the success of the Clash of Clauses. The game takes two years to complete (without gems) from start to finish and there will be obstacles along the way. It will be much better to stay calm.

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