Temple Run 2 is a great hit endless runner game that has taken mobile gaming by storm. The game has captivated players with its exciting gameplay and amazing 3D maps. Amangi recently updated the game with a new Pirate Cove map. Moving Temple Run 2 further and further is to stop the high score, and the points below will probably boost your TR2 score.

If you haven’t added Temple Run 2 to your mobile device, what are you waiting for? The game is freely available on Google Play and iTunes. You can also add TR2 to Windows 10 Mobile from its MS Store page.


The first TR 2 upgrade you should invest in is Coin Value and Coin Magnet. Upgrading the coin value first will ensure that there will be more red (2x) and blue coins (3x) value on the map. That way, you’ll then accumulate more coins to boost your score and speed up other upgrades. When you upgrade it, the coin magnet will last longer so you can collect more coins from this power up.


Temple Run 2 has a power meter in each sprinter so that when you unlock the desired sprinters you can choose one of four alternate power ups. The power-ups you can choose for the power meter are Shield, Boost, Coin Bonus and Score Bonus. Boost is a tremendous force for selecting a boost which makes your sprinter move forward and when you activate it make it (or it) invincible for a few seconds during runs.Choosing a boost for your power meter will make your sprinter more permanently invincible, which will definitely increase your score to a higher score. Note that you’ll need to unlock Scarlet Fox to select Boost PowerUp.


When you first start playing Temple Run 2, gems will not be so important as you will probably break your scoring record regularly. However, jewelry will gradually become more important as your record score gets higher and higher. Get the gems you want from me that will help you revive your own sprinter to run and get higher scores. So save four or five you may need to collect a good supply of jewelry to beat your record score with me.

Because the cost of jewelry doubles to save me each (without any upgrades), you can quickly blow up your jewelry while running and still not beat your high score. That way, as long as you need to revive your sprinter, you don’t save me unless you are at least 20% -25% towards your record score. You will then have a reasonable chance to beat your record with three or four more CVs. Never toss 10 or more gems to save me if you are not close to your highest score because you may not lose it.


Temple Run 2 includes goals to level up with the players. Always check what are the ones that multiply your score to accomplish these goals. Those multipliers will boost your score to give you a better chance of beating your highest score. In addition, there are a number of other bonuses available for boot goals.


Your sprinter will slow down during one run. That way, as the speed of the run increases, you will have to jump faster and face obstacles. However, you can also lower your sprinter slightly by swiping left or right once. Once you swipe left or right, you’ll see a monkey right behind you. But when he runs very fast, a little reduction can work. This will give you a little more time to fix the bugs, but make sure you never swipe left or right when you’re behind the monkey when you do.

With these tips, you will now break your TR2 scoring records, in no time at all! If you have demonstrated an advanced level in Temple Run 2, feel free to share any TR2 tips below.

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