Best board games 2021: Perfect games for home isolation

(Pocket Lint) – We may be the only ones, but we may not be the only ones who have installed a board at the moment, with storage that simply does not exist in our flat. Whether it’s our board game box down the stairs or in the living room, there’s nothing like family games to protect you from bail on a rainy day.

Whether it’s the titanic repetition of a monopoly, “it’s really a game,” Ludo’s bifurcation, or the Settlers of Keaton’s brainstorming, really has to revolve around great board games.

The board game business is booming, though, and amazing new games keep popping up all the time. To get you out of your comfort zone and give you some cool new options, we’ve taken a look at some of the best games released in the last year or so, and here’s your list What is it.


One of the most popular games released over the years, Wingspin is an inspiring look at birds, carefully woven into a complex but rewarding game. You play the role of traces of birds trying to discover unique species of birds, and describe their characteristics.

This art is very beautiful, and as a result of its subject matter, your accent is much softer than in most competitive board games. This is a great addition to the canon of really great board games.


There is no such thing as a fantasy RPG to get blood pumping, but before you can really enjoy them as a group, they usually require a degree of dedication, legwork and preparation. Is. Gloom Haven is like a whole world of RPG entertainment in a box, with complex campaigns and amazing combat encounters to enjoy as a group, and when it’s such a prized game Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

You can also see a roadmap for the future for updates in the Epic Games Store on the company’s Trelo page.

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