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Candy Crush: 30 Awesome Tips And Tricks

Candy Crush Saga was developed by King, a social sports development company, and was officially introduced to the world in 2011. It has become one of the five most popular games on Facebook in 2012 and has become an extremely addictive game involving seniors under each age

Its main gameplay is that it is a “match three game”, which means “changing two adjacent candies between multiple people in the game board so that there are at least 3 rows or columns of matching colored candies.” Be made. ” Indeed. Players who crush hard candy will know that there is more to it than that and you can do a lot of moves and there are even more combinations of candies that will result in a special candy.

The game’s popularity has plummeted since its initial release, but that’s not to say it’s not yet the most played game on Facebook and mobile. In fact, five years after its first release on mobile devices, it was downloaded 2.7 billion times.

With its extreme popularity and general addiction, the players of Candy Crush Saga were bound to want to know how to go further in the game and ultimately become a better player. This is where I come in.

I’ve collected a lot of tips, tricks and even deception to help my fellow Candy Crush players demolish whatever level they are stuck in at the moment. So for those who are scratching to learn all the secrets (or at least the next level) of defeating this game, here are 30 great tips and tricks that only the pro player knows.

Start From The Bottom

This next gesture may seem like a brainstorming to most of you, but even the best Candy Crush players may forget to use it when trying hard to get to the next level.

Always, always start from the bottom of the board.

This is because crushing the candies below causes the candy above to fall down and as a result it causes a cascading effect.

This will basically give you free moves and create more opportunities for good combos. So be sure to start the game on a good note and start down.

Don’t Always Use Suggested Moves

Here’s an important tip most people don’t know about. See, when playing a level, if you do not move at a certain time, the game will suggest you to move.

Do not make this move.

It’s just that the actions they suggest are usually random, and you don’t have to help them with a good move. So it is in your best interest to ignore this move and find a way to do it yourself.

Reshuffle Your Candies (Without Losing Any Lives)

One great trick is to change the candy on your board until life is lost. All you have to do on your mobile device is press the exit button at the beginning of the level you are trying to beat.

This is best used when you load the game for the first time and you can tell that this level will become even more difficult with the placement of candy.

It’s a handy trick that allows you to shuffle them up without losing a life.

It is not only temporarily useful during a certain level, because the game has already started.

Changing The Clock For Extra Lives

There is another way to make a living by cheating. All you have to do is turn the clock on your mobile device 2 hours ahead. This will allow you to continue playing longer.

Just go to Settings> General> Date & Time> Schedule> Date & Time> Add two hours ahead and get 4 more lives in your game

You have to pay for that at some point, but when you’re asleep and you’re golden, schedule it around. If you’re doing this around midnight, don’t forget to convert it from PM to AM, though!

Accepting Extra Lives (And Other Gifts) From Friends

Of course, it’s great to open Candy Crush and see if your friend has sent a gift. But don’t hit the acceptance … at least not yet.

Accepting Gifts From Friends, Extra Lewis Lewis, Yat Sleep Tham Unle Under This Important.

If you accept the gift of extra life from a friend when you already have the most potential, it is useless. So click on ‘X’ until you have less than 2 or 3 lives and then proceed to accept extra life.

Hitting Quit To Check Progress

When playing a level, you always press the ‘Skip’ button to check your progress. No worries, it doesn’t mean it will actually leave you at that level. First, it will ask if you are sure, and once you check your progress, you can press the ‘X’ button instead of actually leaving.

This will tell you, for example, how many jellies you have left before completing the level.

This can be really helpful when you have no idea how far you have to go to accomplish a level goal.

Destroy All Distractions

This is just another tip that can be used multiple times but it also seems to be clear. Believe it or not, though, not everyone knows this.

Therefore, if you are at the level that requires you to complete certain things. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. This means that if they want you to remove the livers, marinade or chocolate, do so as soon as possible.

Also, always make sure to destroy time bombs before anything else, but only if they need to be destroyed.

Turn Off Boosts For The Next Level

It’s incredibly easy to turn off the levels you used when starting the next level, but it can be a serious problem if you forget.

Always make sure to turn them off, especially if you do not need the boosts for the next level.

Otherwise, you’ll miss out on promotions that may fit into future levels. This will hinder your progress and make you very frustrated with yourself.

Save The Fish For Last

Whenever you are playing at a level, it is always helpful to play Fish Candy Booster one last time. Especially if you are on the surface of jelly. Make sure you use fish candy at the very end of the level as it will automatically go for any remaining jellies.

So if you have difficulty reaching the jellies, they will find them and hopefully help you win the level. This is helpful on other levels, of course, but try to save them for the jelly level.

Pay Attention To Your Stripes

When you are making striped candy there are two options: it will be either horizontal or vertical, and it all depends on the direction of the last candy that was moved to complete the previous configuration.

Basically, whatever direction the final candy was going in would now be the direction of the striped candy you made. So keep an eye on it because whatever you create will explode in the same direction when you use striped candy.

Know Your Chocolate

It is helpful to know that if you eat a piece of chocolate in one round, it will not recur in the next round. This is really helpful as it prevents the chocolate from coming back again and again.

So make sure to try to eliminate chocolate in each round so that it does not recur in the next round. Unless you’re playing at a later level, I’m sure you’ll already know that there’s a chocolate maker that’s causing the chocolate to return at an alarming rate.

Adding Time During A Time Challenge

The easiest way to move a certain level is to try to get as many +5 candies as possible manually, thus adding more time to the clock.

They do not come down randomly, mind you, so there is a surefire way to get a lot of time added.

Every time you make a move, a drop of +5 occurs, resulting in a “clash of 4 or more combos.” Then make sure to crush the +5 candy to make sure it is included in your timer.

What The Pink Bow Means

If you see a pink bow level on it, it means a friend has given you 3 extra tricks that you can apply to that level. If you want to use it on your mobile device, just start the level and it will be added automatically.

But if you’re browsing the web on Facebook, click the +3 motion in the start screen to activate it. It can be very useful on some levels, so use it wisely.

Save Your Special Candies

When playing Candy Crush for the first time, you may be tempted to use the free boosters that are given to you immediately. But don’t do that. When you really need help, try to save them to the next level.

Especially when you’re in the 70’s and beyond – when things get tough, to say the least. And as time goes on, it becomes more and more difficult, which I’m sure you can imagine.

Recognize The Patterns

While playing Candy Crush, some strategies can help you do much better than just hanging it in the game, and in particular, it’s much easier when you think about it.

Just recognize the patterns when playing, and then repeat those patterns.

In other words, find out if it becomes an easy spray donut hole or a different special candy and then proceed to clear the board and finally go to the next level. I must say this.

Finish With Extra Moves Left

At many levels in the game, you have to try to get the maximum score to move forward. And regardless, most people intend to get ridiculously high scores anyway.

So if you finish a level with extra tricks, move on to more points when a school of jellyfish or striped candy clears the board. This is not a guarantee, but you should definitely get a high score for it.

It’s better to try instead, as long as it raises your score significantly.

Beware When Dealing With Ingredients

It is always annoying when you see that you are starting a level with the right or left components of the screen. However, you can always restart the level with the mentioned exit tip before the start.

But you can also try to move the ingredients in the middle by crushing the candies.

Just try never to move any part of the square that is out of sight. This will make matters even more difficult for you.

Clear Jellies On The Edge

Always try to go for the jellies when trying to destroy the jellies on the surface of the jelly, because there are usually the least number of people on the edge who can eliminate them, and eventually get rid of them all. Is harder than .

Always take a minute between your moves to see if you can get rid of these outer gels, especially the corners or the bottom, before moving on to an easier target.

This may seem impossible at first, but if you do it first, it will make the rest of the journey smoother.

Always Go For Combos

There are some special combinations in this game of Candy Crush Saga that will force you to clear at least half the board, which is always great, but especially when on a difficult level.

The two best combos are wrapped candy and striped candy, and donut sprinkled on it with striped candy. They will easily help you complete the level, which is obviously the main goal of the game.

Use The Coconut Wheel

The coconut wheel is a booster that you can choose to use in crushing candy before the surface starts. Once you pick it, the coconut wheel produces 3 striped candies.

It can even show up many times at the level you’re playing at, which is honestly very helpful. Also, if you combine it with other special candies, there will be a certain amount of combos and power ups.

Basically, it’s an incredibly useful booster and should be used whenever possible – just make it as smart as possible.

Plan Out How To Use Your Striped Candies

It’s no secret that Candy Crush Saga seems impossible to beat on certain levels. But on some of these difficult levels, you really need a special strategy to get through them.

And in some cases, it’s actually important that you use striped candy to get through the question. So it doesn’t matter, always use your striped candies wisely and try to plan how to use them to your advantage.

Plan How To Handle Your Ingredients

One of the more frustrating levels to face is the need to be one with the ingredients involved. So when you are dealing with components at some level, know that there is no randomness in how the components appear.

This means you have to learn which component is dynamic to skip and then move on to the vertical column which is easier to clean.

Trust me, it will help you a lot while you are playing the game and will also help you to develop faster.

Make Several Wrapped Candies On Certain Levels

Some levels require you to collect a certain number of points, so when playing one of these levels make sure to make as many wrapped candies as you can.

This will not only be useful for you as you can clear more blockers and unwanted candy but you will also get a lot more points.

So basically, using these wrapped candies that you have accumulated to your advantage is extremely helpful, and sometimes, that’s the only way to succeed.

Remove Blockers First

Blockers are another thing that can be very frustrating when playing Candy Crush. So if you are on the surface with blockers, be sure to clear them first by crushing the candy near the blockers.

Try and see the weird corner blockers first, because they are usually harder to reach and eventually clear faster.

Using this strategy should allow you to complete a certain number of walking levels.

In other words, if you’re frustrated with the level of blockers involved, take a breath and work on clearing them first.

Look For Special Candies Above All Else

Making a special candy combo is always more effective than 3 candy matches. As we all know, there are three different types of candy: striped candy, wrapped candy, and color bombs.

They all have their own way that you can quickly beat a level, so make sure you go for those before the 3 matches run in candy and then prepare a combo with two of those special candies. Do This may sound obvious, but most people watch the match on their own instead of thinking about it.

Make A Game Plan

Whenever you start a new level, look at the board and try to figure out the most difficult elements of that level. Then you can attack these elements first and foremost, instead of planning ahead.

Because of this you will lose your lives quickly and you will have less chances to beat the level. Also, make sure you guess where you can make combos while walking.

Assessing The Situation

Personally, I think whenever you start a new level, you should evaluate the whole board and find the worst of the risks

That way, you can choose what you need to destroy before you dive into the candy first..

In one instance, the man decided to go after a small number of bombs, then chocolates, and finally, blocks.

This is a great strategy and is still just an example of how it will be beneficial for you to take future steps forward.

Fully Know Your Objective

Sometimes to get from one level to the next you need to complete more than one task, and your job is to know what the goal is.

So if the level wants you to not only get a high score but also complete a task, make sure to get the specific score that will eventually complete the task before taking the final step.

This is just one of the best ways to ensure that you complete all your goals before the level ends.

Have Infinite Lives On Social

Candy Crush 5 is a secret way to cheat the life system, and that is to leave multiple tabs open at the same time at the beginning of the game on your browser and you will always get these 5 lives.

Basically, if you are at a very difficult level, it would be beneficial to leave many tabs open at the same level. Once you’ve beaten the level, you’ll have to reload all your tabs, even if you want to customize your life. But in the end it’s worth it.

They May Be Messing With Your Mind

It is true that our lovely candy crushing game can actually disturb our minds. This is evidenced by the fact that when a time bomb is involved, we become extremely nervous.

But don’t worry, they’re not always out to get you. An example is if you get a bomb in 14 moves and you have only 11 moves left then obviously you don’t have to worry about the bomb because the game ends before it explodes. Will

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