Cybernet Internet Provider

CyberNet is one of the pioneers of internet service providers in Pakistan. Also, they offer high quality internet services by maintaining and maintaining international connectivity through two different streams.

First, Edge routers have been installed in various areas to maintain the highly available Internet architecture. Second, the dual high available architecture is designed to further increase availability. Additionally, users can get up to 1GBps of high speed internet bandwidth through their Cyber ​​HSI (High Speed ​​Internet).

Cybernet Internet Provider – Solutions


Run your business with great security, speed and reliability through Cybernet Internet Provider’s Carrier Solutions. Also, they provide a low CAPEX alternative for deploying one’s own fiber or microwave-based backhouses.

In addition, they provide fiber-based backup solutions that fit easy E1 transport for Gigabit Ethernet to manage 3G / 4G networks for 2G applications.

Cybernet Internet Provider’s Enterprise Solutions

In this age of innovation and technology, companies need to be one step ahead of their competition. With the best choice for your company, Cybernet offers your business some of the best business centralization solutions.

In addition, to meet its needs to the fullest, it provides uninterrupted internet connectivity and access to modern cloud-powered infrastructure throughout Pakistan.

Service Provider

The cybernet internet provider believes that modern and advanced technologies can reshape business practices in one click. Therefore, they invest in the future. In addition, they offer you reasons to go beyond your expectations and stay up to date with the latest technology trends so that they can invest heavily in research and development.


Cybernet’s wholesale Internet solution is for service providers that require a large amount of Internet bandwidth (from 100MB to multiple STM1’s). In addition, for each user’s specific needs, they can design solutions based on Metro Ethernet or other transport technologies that can provide connectivity across diverse routes, using multiple home scenarios, and across different currents.


Cybernet’s dark fiber solutions are a great option for users who need high bandwidth. Such as telecommunications and broadband providers, large corporations, educational institutions and government agencies. In addition, it is for those who want to make long-term investments in fiber infrastructure. As such, it gives them full access and control over network design, optics and protocols.

Small Medium Business

Cybernet, with its accustomed SME business plan, gives you a seamless opportunity to focus on your core business while keeping you parallel to innovation in the industry. That way, you can always be one step ahead of your competitors.

Cybernet is a great web and email host that is powered by RapidCompute. It is the first enterprise class cloud provider in Pakistan. In addition, RapidComputer’s web and hosting solutions are optimized for today’s enterprise needs. In addition, it strengthens the web and email presence of top companies in the FMCG, banking and financial sectors.

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