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Fiberlink Internet Packages 2021

Founded in 2008, FiberLink is considered to be one of the fastest internet service providers in Pakistan with its geographical coverage. In addition, it comes with a wide range of straight forward fiber link internet packages and internet solutions in both consumer and corporate sectors.

Therefore, managed services such as FiberLink’s enterprise-grade platform are meeting the communication needs of organizations and enabling them to operate more efficiently. Currently, FiberLink is available in Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad and Faisalabad.

Fiberlink Internet Plans

In fact, FiberLink is easy to come by with hidden fees or negative surprises in internet packages. Internet prices are not taxable *

Packages NamesSpeed at Day Time
(9:00am to 2:30am)
Speed at Night Time
(2:30am to 9:00am)
Monthly Charges
Yearly Charges
Installation Charges
Upgrade 16MbpsUpload: 16Mbps
Download: 16Mbps
Upload: 32Mbps
Download: 32Mbps
Upgrade 25MbpsUpload: 25Mbps
Download: 25Mbps
Upload: 50Mbps
Download: 50Mbps
Upgrade 50MbpsUpload: 50Mbps
Download: 50Mbps
Upload: 100Mbps
Download: 100Mbps
100 MbpsUpload: 100Mbps
Download: 100Mbps
Upload: 200Mbps
Download: 200Mbps
New 250MbpsUpload: 250Mbps
Download: 250Mbps
Upload: 500Mbps
Download: 500Mbps
New 500MbpsUpload: 500Mbps
Download: 500Mbps
Upload: 1Gbps
Download: 1Gbps

Fiberlink’s Corporate & Services

FiberLink’s fiber optic connections are well-designed for corporates and businesses looking for fast, high-speed connections that are secure, stable and economical. FiberLink Optical Network has been built keeping in mind the current and future needs and challenges of the corporate.

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