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How To Check Zong SIM Number 2021


How To Check Zong SIM Number 2021

There are several Methods to check Zong number if you can’t seem to remember your mobile phone number. Most of the people forget their sim number which is why this Post will help you to check your Zong number. Keep Visiting Our Website For Latest Updates.


How to check Zong SIM number 2021

Company Zong 4G
Code Dial *8#
Other Code *100#
Charges Free / No Balance

Check Zong SIM Number

  • Dial *8# to Check your Zong number or you can dial *100# to check it.
  • You can also check Zong Number by sending a message to 667. Type “MNP” in the message body.
  • Call Zong helpline to find out your mobile sim number.

About Zong 4G

CMPak Limited, doing business under brand name Zong 4G, is a Pakistan based mobile data network operator, owned by the company China Mobile. It is the first oversea setup of China Mobile through acquisition of a license from Millicom to operate a GSM network in Pakistan in 2008.

Different Methods to Check Zong Number

If you don’t know how to check Zong SIM number then don’t worry. This Post will help you To know your SIM number.

First Method

If you want to check Zong number then you can use this method to check it.

  • Open your mobile phone dialer/Keypad.
  • Dial *8# from your mobile phone dialer.
  • Your Zong number will Show on your Mobile Screen.

If this code does not work for you then try to dial *2#.

Second Method 

If you want to find out your number some other method then follow these steps

  • Open your mobile sim dialer.
  • Dial this code *100# from your mobile phone dialer.
  • Your Zong sim number will appear in your screen.

Third Method

To know the carrier number this is easy and you can check your using this method. it step by step procedure is the given below.

4th Method Check Zong Number

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) provides an online system to the users to check your number.if You need to open the PTA official website if you want to check the all details about  carrier:

Fifth Method:

Here is the another method. You can call the Zong helpline. Dial 310 from your mobile sim and they will give a customer all the details such as Sim OwnerNumber registered address and Zong Sim number.

We hope that this article will help all Zong customers if they have a problem remembering their mobile number. You can use all the methods above if you want to know everything about your carrier.

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