More games could get Ray Tracing thanks to the updated Vulkan API

(PocketLint) – In general, the great good news for console players and gamers comes in the form of news that the Vilkin API now supports ray tracing.

Nodia has been promoting ray tracing on PC for a long time, with high-end RTX20 series graphics cards helping to improve ray tracing for better gaming visuals. The future of gaming is very much traced, as all the major gaming brands are running with it.

Both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will support ray tracing. AMD and Intel are also planning to launch ray-traceable graphics processors this year.

Although this latest piece of news, it should mean that we see more games in adopting ray tracing technology. The Velcan app is currently available to game developers for use, and both Nodia and Intel are working to standardize the API.

The latest Vulkan API should mean that games that currently feature ray tracing on a PC should be easy to port to the console. For example, games like Control and Metro Exit can be ported to the full Xbox Series X with ray tracing goodness.

\It’s also easy for game developers to build future games with ray tracing support. Meaning we will see more and more games with better graphics in the near future.

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