NayaTel Internet Packages for Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Knight is one of the best internet service providers in Pakistan. It offers services in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Peshawar. Unlike PTCL, its coverage is limited, but its broadband speeds are much better than later. For this reason, it is very popular in the twin cities of Pakistan. Currently, it is offering extensive internet packages to meet the needs of its customers. Use of Double Fiber Cables (FTTH), its facilities in both home and corporate customers.To help with online business, To provide this unlimited internet package. Similarly, it has limited internet packages for home users. Let’s take a look at each Netal Internet package for Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Limited Internet Packages

Natal’s limited internet packages include Starter, Ultra 15, Ultra and Ultra 15. The price and bandwidth of each Netal Internet package varies. For limited packages, Niall charges Rs. 30 / GB for additional GB in each package. In addition, the installation charges are 3000.


Starter is Natal’s cheapest internet package. This is Natalie’s best package for students. It costs only Rs. Rs. 1549 per month with 10MBS bandwidth. Users can use 125 GB during the day and unlimited GB at night and on weekends.

Extreme 15

The ultimate 15 costs only Rs. 1859 every month. It has a bandwidth of 15 Mbps. It allows unlimited downloads at night and on weekends. However, it gives 150GB of downloads a day.


The Ultra costs only Rs. With a bandwidth of 18 Mbps in 2069 / month, Natal users can get unlimited downloads at night and on weekends. In days, downloads are limited to 150GB.

Extreme 20

Under this internet package, its data transfer speed is 20 Mbps. His compensation is only Rs. Rs. 2479 / month. Like Starter and Extreme 15, it offers unlimited downloads at night as well as on weekends. Therefore, it provides 150 GB of downloads in a day.

Unlimited Internet Packages

Natal’s unlimited internet packages have two packages: unlimited 10 and unlimited 15. Both packages vary in cost, bandwidth and download. Installation charges for both packages are Rs. 6,000.

Unlimited 10

Under Unlimited 10, users can enjoy unlimited downloads with 10 Mbps bandwidth. In addition, you only have to pay Rs. 1999 per month.

Unlimited 15

In this Nettle Internet package, you can get unlimited downloads for only 2399 / month. In addition, it has a bandwidth of 15Mbps.
Of course, Niall has attractive internet packages. You can choose your favorite package mentioned above according to your needs.

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