PUBG Mobile: Improve Your Game With These Handy Little Tips

PUBG Mobile recently celebrated its second anniversary and for most of us, we know almost every map by heart. In fact, some players have been playing with their friends for so long that they already have a strategy without the need to go every time. However, not everyone is complete and there is always room for improvement.Here are some tips and strategies to help improve your PUBG mobile game and make chicken dinner closer than ever. If you have been successful in learning something new, then what do we think about the numerals. However, if you already know all this, then it is fine. There is no harm in knowing right?

Keep Camouflage In Mind

Sure, fancy clothes can look very attractive, and let you flex your love for the game, it is practically pretty useless. Think about it, there is a reason why armies do not go to war to wear bright colors. Ideally, wear clothes that allow you to permeate your surroundings. This will help improve your survival, especially against snipers.For Erangel and Sunhawk, consider wearing green or any darker ‘color’, while shades of gray or faded will work well in Miramar. White dresses would do very well at Vikendi.

Have A Leader

When playing as a group, make sure you have a person who is the designated leader. The leader’s primary goal will not be to supply the best loot or hoard. He will mark any drop in the surrounding area, distance to the safe area as well as where he needs to go. Other players will carry most of the big guns and follow the instructions.

Have A Designated Sniper

Before you disembark, make sure there is a person named as the sniper, this person will get all the best scopes and will be responsible for scouting locations before going to the rest of the team. He will also provide cover when the team leaves. Recovery of a drop. This should be very clear by now, but the sniper has to be the person with the best accuracy.

Close Doors

If you haven’t realized it by now, all the doors of the match are closed by default. So any smart player can know that there are enemies in an area by looking at the open door. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you lock the doors behind you. Not only that, but it also allows you to ambush enemy players.

Know Your Strategy Beforehand

Do you want to slow it down by landing on a relatively empty space, or would you prefer a hot landing where you want to get the best possible weapon? Do you think you should play right on the edge of the circle, or should you move towards the center and ambush? Regardless, you should ensure that the strategy is known by your team before it lands. The last thing you want is for people to land in different places.

Be Smart With Vehicles

If it is a good idea to keep an eye on the cedar vehicles while descending as the first circle can be very far away. Having a vehicle nearby allows you to scavenge for a long time without worrying about being caught outside the circle. However, you may consider ditching the vehicle after the first addition as the noise may attract enemies to your location.

Consider Rushing The First Drop

If the first drop location is relatively close to you, and you keep a vehicle nearby, you may consider the first drop early. Usually, players are molested in the first few minutes and you can use this time to get your hands on some quality loot before anyone else and boost your chances of winning a chicken dinner .

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