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The Epic Games Store now has wishlists (finally!)

(Pocket Lint) – Epic games are making waves in the PC gaming space, what will happen with getting the same exclusive games from big and small developers. But the store lacks much functionality that has been available for a long time with the choice of steam. Even simple things like wishlists are badly missing, but now that is changing.

The company has now implemented the ability to add games to a wish list, so that they can be purchased in the future. Be allocated

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Now as you browse the games in the Epic Games Store, you will see a new little heart icon with different games. Clicking on it will add that game to your wish list. Interestingly, it is also broken down into edition types, so you can click to add Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and even DLC to your wish list.

You can sort by price, date, and other filters by looking at your wish list. If your wish list goes awry, you can find it too. Apparently when games are sold out, we’ll be notified if they’re ready to pre-order or even give up early access.

If you do not believe that a wish list will allow you to change or use the Epic Games Store more. Enough is enough, so it is worth noting that this store is also offering free games regularly. These games currently include the World Trading Company and GoNNER. With InDone 2 on offer: Over the next few days, Dust to Dust, a short hike and Motazion too.

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