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What is GOG Galaxy 2.0? The multi-platform PC games launcher

(PocketLint) – One of the dramas of being a PC gamer is to keep track of many different libraries and install many different launchers.

Sure, EA games can be on Steam now, but you can still find games on Origin, Apple, Steam and more. As well as friends, they are scattered across all platforms. It’s hard to know where it is.

What if there was a platform to unite them all? GOG Galaxy 2.0 promises.

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What is GOG Galaxy 2.0?

GOG Galaxy 2.0 PC Games Launcher is an amazing concept that puts all your favorite games in one place.

It’s a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. The various integrations in the GOG Galaxy 2.0 mean that it currently works with 20 gaming platforms.

With GOG Galaxy 2.0, you can install and launch any game, without opening a separate launcher. You can keep track of your accomplishments, keep all your friends in one place and much more.

In theory, using GOG Galaxy 2.0 is easy to find everywhere. For us, it’s just a great way to remember which games we actually own and want to play. Too many launchers mean they sometimes get lost in the sky otherwise.

How to access GOG Galaxy 2.0

GOG Galaxy 2.0 is free to download and is currently in open beta, so work is underway, but it points to a bright future for PC gamers.

The first step is to download GOG Galaxy 2.0 from here. The second is to sign up for a free GOG account, if you don’t already have one.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see your games library and add other accounts.

How to connect Steam, UPlay, Origin, etc to GOG Galaxy 2.0

Once logged in, you will see a plus icon at the top of the launcher. Click on it and select “Connect Platform”. You can then log in to each of the other platforms you access.

You will need to log in individually to add each one. So click here to connect Steam, UPLE, Origin and others.

When you’re done, you’ll see options for browsing more games on the right. You can filter by platform, for example to watch all your Steam games or watch your entire collection in one place.

You can then install the game here as well, clicking to install will start the normal installation process, but you can start it from inside the GOG Galaxy 2.0 launcher.

Click on each game and you will see all the usual details – information about the game, your achievements, time to play the game and much more.

Do you still need the others installed?

You might be thinking that if you have GOG Galaxy 2.0 installed, you don’t need the launchers from other platforms installed. Unfortunately, that’s not the case as you still need them in order to use cloud saves, game updates, etc.

However, this means that you don’t have to launch each platform individually when you go to play games. Just do it all in one place – GOG Galaxy 2.0.

Customising your games library

Of course, once you start adding all your games to GOG Galaxy 2.0, it can start to get a little frivolous. But there are solutions.

When you’re in the “proprietary games” section of your library, you’ll find a filtering system at the top. Click on it and you can filter your games to show only specific games.

You can quickly and easily filter by gender here. So just click to show indie games, indie games or shooter. You can also filter games by platform, operating system or status (not installed or uninstalled).

You can use the Clear Launcher’s search capability to find clear games. But you can go to specific games and add custom tags to each game. You can then use these tags to filter them to your liking. This means you can add tags to your favorite games or as reminders of the games you want to play.

Official Epic Store support

GOG Galaxy 2.0 has support for a variety of platforms, but not all of them are official. The company has been receiving formal support for Xbox Live integration for some time. The Epic Games Store is now officially supported.

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